Whales and Horses

This is a 3 hour whale watching trip from Salka Whale Watching combined with a 2 hour horse riding trip with Lava Horses.Together for 18000 ISK

Available upon request: info@salkawhalewatching.is


Our Whale Watching Tour

There really are few things that beat the fresh smell of the ocean on a beautiful day in Skjálfandi Bay, aboard our traditional oak boats.
Our experienced crew will give you a unique adventure, whether you are an early bird, enjoy the daytime at sea or if you’re up for a whale watching spectacle in the midnight sun!
This fantastic 3 hour tour takes you to traditional whale watching areas in Skjálfandi Bay. Here you will get the chance to experience whales, dolphins and birds in their natural surroundings. Every tour is different and you never know what amazing species and wildlife shows you will get to see during the trip. The most common whale and dolphin species in Skjálfandi Bay are humpback whales, Minke whales, white beaked dolphins, porpoises and in the beginning of summer blue whales and fin whales.
With our years of experience and knowledge from sailing through the bay of Skjálfandi, we guarantee your upmost comfort, enjoyment and authentic adventure, on each of our tours.

Please be aware that we are sailing on The Atlantic Ocean. The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable and change rapidly, therefore the captain can decide to cancel the tour on short notice for safety reasons. In case of cancellation of the trip due to weather conditions, an appropriate reimbursement will be found for you.


What is included?

On each tour we provide our guest with an authentic experience of Icelandic nature and wildlife.
Aboard our ships we offer complimentary WiFi, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies, as well as warm overalls and raincoats if needed.

Horse riding tour:

Do you want to experience the beauty of Icelandic nature? We, at Lava Horses take you through lava fields, forest, along the riverbanks and we can even give you a tour in the midnight sun. Perfect for families, friends or small groups. We make the trips especially for you.


Option 1: Enjoy the differences!

Perfect for those who want to experience the diverse landscapes of Iceland on horseback. We will take you through lava landscape, birch forest, along a riverbank and we even cross a small lake. If you want to try the tölt, this is a good tour to start with.
possible for both beginners and advanced riders


Option 2: The experienced riders tour!

A dream tour for those who want some good gallops and tölts on great riding-paths. We start from our farm Hraunkot and ride down to the river where we follow the riverside for a while. This is grassy banks that are perfect for gallop. We take a small tour up in the lava area so you can get a taste of it as well. In the middle of the lava an dessert will all of a sudden appear and here we again take of in gallop or even the flying pass. We make sure to keep on at the tracks that allow running on our way back home to the farm. This tour demands experienced riders where we do quite a lot of running.


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