Whale Watching

Whale watching in Skjálfandi bay

Whale Watching Tour

There really are few things that beat the fresh smell of the ocean on a beautiful day in Skjálfandi Bay, aboard our traditional oak boats. Our experienced crew will give you a unique adventure, whether you are an early bird, enjoy the daytime at sea or if you’re up for a whale watching the spectacle in the midnight sun!

Fantastic 3-hour whale watching tour

This fantastic 3-hour tour takes you to traditional whale watching areas in Skjálfandi Bay. Here you will get the chance to experience whales, dolphins and birds in their natural surroundings. Every tour is different and you never know what amazing species and wildlife show you will get to see during the trip. The most common whale and dolphin species in Skjálfandi Bay are humpback whales, minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and in early summer blue whales and fin whales.

Enjoy an authentic sailing

With our years of experience and knowledge from sailing through the bay of Skjálfandi, we guarantee your utmost comfort, enjoyment and authentic adventure, on each of our tours.

Seeing whales in Skjálfandi bay

Whales are highly intelligent creatures, with their routines and customs, much like humans. We at Salka have set up a sailing schedule that maximises our guests’ enjoyment, experience and probability of seeing nature’s beautiful creatures in their natural habitat while treating the animals with the love and respect they deserve.

What is included?

  • Complimentary hot chocolate with cinnamon buns
  • Warm overalls
  • Raincoats (if needed)

On each tour, we provide our guests with an authentic experience of Icelandic nature and wildlife. Aboard our oak boats, we offer complimentary hot chocolate with cinnamon buns, as well as warm overalls and raincoats if needed.


12.990 ISK adults
6.500 ISK (7-15 years)
Free for children (6 years and younger)

All prices include 11% VAT


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Please note that Salka Whale Watching is now a part of the North Sailing family and all our tours will run in cooperation with North Sailing.

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