Salka whale watching boats


Built in Akureyri in 1975
Passenger capacity 42

Fanney is a former fishing boat renovated in 2010 and operated by Salka Whale Watching since 2013. Nowadays, Fanney serves as a beautiful wooden whale watching vessel.


Built in 1976
Passenger capacity 65

Salka is an excellent whale watching boat with great viewing platforms for passengers. Salka has served as a fantastic fishing vessel for decades before being bought by Salka Whale Watching and carefully renovated in 2017 as a passenger boat.

Our boats undergo strict inspection in compliance with rules and regulations of the Icelandic Maritime Administration. Safety vests and life rafts are available for all the passengers on board.

Please note that all our tours this season will run in cooperation with North Sailing, and therefore on North Sailing’s boats as well. All of North Sailing’s and Salka’s boats are traditional Icelandic wooden boats.